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:iconalertplz: WARNING: This is a super long post :iconalertplz:

Bluhh it's been forever since i've been on :P
After my trip to Austria (April) i sort of just let my laptop sit around and collect dust...

Anyway, this is pretty late, but yeah...Fanime!
It was amazing as always, a little unorganized, but still amazing! :)
I met lots of awesome new people and saw some of my other friends (sort of) i was too nervous/awkward to really say much though ;-;
This year our group was a little smaller, only me :iconbbww: :iconmeganakamomo: and :iconmisterwildcat:
We only went on Saturday and Sunday because the week after we had finals and what not :P
on Saturday i went as Shiro Yoshiwara (again OTL)
:iconbbww: went as Princess Mononoke
:iconmeganakamomo: went as Luka Megurine (Setsugetsuka)
:iconmisterwildcat: went as Len Kagamine (Setsugetsuka)
We were pretty tired on Saturday though because the night before everyone stayed up past midnight to help me finish my costume ;u;  (thank you so much guys :'3)
It didn't seem like there were as many people this year, but that's probably because the convention was spread out among like four different locations... ( we didn't go to most of the events because none of us really read the program book thing ;;OTLL)
I was pretty bummed we missed the Rookiez is Punk'd concert :C (my fault for not being organized >.<)
OH! and i was super happy that people actually recognized me this year! T7T (no one reads Adekan ;n;... )
The artist alley was HUGE and i bought a few prints and bookmarks and what not :meow:
We visited :iconyuumei: :iconamaiyu: :iconwhispwill: and lots of other artist as well ^^

We tried to leave a little earlier on Sunday...but that didn't really happen :P
Because the Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia meet ups were on Sunday, me and :iconmisterwildcat: went as Ciel Phantomhive, :iconbbww: went as Finny and :iconmeganakamomo: went as Taiwan :meow:
The Kuroshitsuji meeting was smaller than last year :c but the Hetalia meet was pretty big (as always XD) oh and we saw this guy again (the Japan)… i took a selca with him (he tried to hide but i was too fast XD) 
Anyway yeah... that was basically Fanime, i'll put up some photos soon :3

Moving on

:iconhappyskipplz: :iconrainbowsparklesplz:  ANIME EXPOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :iconrainbowsparklesplz: :iconhappyskipplz: 
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG AFHIULDFBQJCNFGVISKILMCBAKVJBDAUICNL :iconcannotevenplz::iconcannotevenplz::iconcannotevenplz::iconcannotevenplz::iconcannotevenplz:
Soo me and :iconmeganakamomo: have been wanting to go to Anime Expo for awhile now, and we finally decided to go :D
We drove down with :iconbbww:, my brother and my aunt on Wednesday. Yes, five people, crammed into one car with a crap ton of costumes props and my sewing machine (because i didn't finish our costumes in time :iconcraiplz: :iconotlplz:
It was a long 7 hours and we basically slept most of the ride (because me and :iconmeganakamomo: stayed up until like 5am working on costumes the day before ;;;OTL) we also finished up some of our props during the car ride :P and when we got to the hotel we stayed up until 3am working again... and the next morning we finished our Magi cosplays, but because we woke up kind of late we ended up missing the Magi gathering on Day 1 ToT
Luckily we made it to the official gathering at the FUNimation booth though :D we met so many awesome people >o< (Harumi and Het ^^) 
Day 2 I went as Ciel (as per usual) and :iconmeganakamomo: went as Luka Megurine (Just Be Friends) 
I MET KANAME TOO OMGGGGGG  :iconrlytearplz: :iconcblushplz: :iconasdfghplz: A-AND I GOT TO HUG HIM  :iconblushingplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz: :iconhappytearsplz:
I guess i hugged him pretty tight cuz he looked kinda surprised and said "really strong" LOL 
After that we went to the Kuroshitsuji meet, it was outside and I DIED. IT WAS SO HOT UGH I COULD FEEL MY FACE MELTING OFF. The meet was a little unorganized but it was still pretty fun :meow:
In the evening we went to the TVXQ 'Catch Me' World Tour at the Nokia Center
IT WAS AMAZING. I've been to concerts before and that was by far the most amazing one yet. There were flashing lights, confetti, AND A SEA OF RED. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. AND I TOUCHED U-KNOW
He ran by and high-fived everyone (i have a video of me freaking out lol xD)
Day 3 I went as Shiro (again, because i love him to death) and :iconmeganakamomo: went as Taiwan.
lol we lined up and got him to sign some stuff and HE SAID I HAD A GOOD COSPLAY! I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW AMGGG :iconcannotevenplz: :iconasdfghplz: :iconhappytearsplz:
So yeah that was basically our weekend at AX :meow: oh and me and :iconmeganakamomo: are in this video…;
if anyone reads this and has never been to AX...GO, PRE-ORDER TICKETS RIGHT THIS INSTANT IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY.

sooo yeah i'll be uploading pics from fanime and ax soon, as well as some sketches i guess ^^
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uh i like to cosplay and sometimes i draw ;u;

for more photos check out my instagram i guess

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